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itsbeautifuloutside (or IBO for short) consists of four different sites:

  1. The main part of the group, carrying the most recent match reports and those of the Premier League seasons since promotion back to the top flight in May 2012.
  2. This site, which concentrates on the past history of Saints, notably the Liebherr years in the First Division and The Championship, together with a section on memories of some of the more noteable occasions in recent years, from the FACup Final of 2003 to more recent dates, like the EFLCup Final of 2017.
  3. Set up to cover World Cup and Euro competitions by Saints fans who post on the IBO Forum.
  4. The IBO Forum, run on the American ProBoards network. Have a look and see what nonsense we get to talk about!

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Fit My Video Tag

This was uploaded to YouTube from a Saints fans Video collection. Made by Meridian Films in 1990, it has never been released on DVD and as such, there is a whole generation of fans who will never have seen it.

A word of warning though, it runs to just over 1 hour 27 minutes, so be prepared to settle down for a while...

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